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5 frequently asked questions about our pregnancy and live birth guarantee plans

preguntas garantia embarazo

At Ovoclinic we know how important the first step is. To enter an assisted reproduction clinic for the first time and start the process of first tests, consultations and results, to find the best treatment to achieve the longed for pregnancy.

In our clinics, as well as carrying out treatments such as in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and reciprocal IVF (co-IVF), we offer our patients our Pregnancy and Live Birth Guarantee plans. In these plans, if the pregnancy is not achieved in the duration of the plan, we will return the whole amount of the selected plan. Within our Pregnancy and Live Birth Guarantee plans, we offer our patients the possibility to choose between the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Guarantee, Donor Egg IVF (deIVF), a Mixed program, or Mixed Plus. For more information please visit our website.


1. What is the difference between a standard IVF treatment and an IVF Pregnancy and Live Birth Guarantee Plan?
At Ovoclinic we will make every attempt possible to personalize the treatment, or the guarantee plan, to achieve the desired beta-hCG positive result. With the objective in mind of carrying out the treatment according to your preferences, all patients have to undergo a medical evaluation by our team of specialists to allow us to evaluate if the requirements to start the treatment are met, and design an individualized personal treatment plan for each case.

The only difference between a standard in vitro fertilisation treatment and an IVF guarantee plan is that with the guarantee plan you have the peace of mind that if your treatment is not successful, your money will be returned.

In our guarantee plans there are no limits to the number of attempts. You can have all the cycles needed during 24 months to achieve the desired pregnancy (extendable by 6 months if advised by the Medical Director). These plans are designed to offer our patients maximum assurance, confidence and guarantee that their treatments will be a success.

2. What is the difference between the “Pregnancy week 12” and the “Live Birth” guarantees?
All our Pregnancy and Live Birth Guarantee plans are available in these two options. The Pregnancy week 12 guarantee, guarantees a pregnancy to the 12th week of gestation. This means that if there is a miscarriage after the 12th week of pregnancy, any future attempts will not be covered by the plan. However, if after 24 months have passed and pregnancy to week 12 has not been achieved despite all the attempts, the clinic will return the whole cost of the treatment.

In contrast, with the Live Birth Guarantee, the guarantee extends to the birth of the baby. If after 24 months of trying a baby is not born, despite all the attempts, the clinic will return the whole cost of the treatment.

3. What does an “unlimited number of attempts” mean, in medical terms?
One of the characteristics that all of our plans have in common is there is no maximum limit to the number of attempts you can make to get pregnant. This means that you can have all the cycles and embryo transfers necessary during 24 months, according to the treatment and plan chosen (the birth of your baby or pregnancy to week 12, depending on your choice).

4. What happens if we have frozen embryos after 24 months?
In this case, if the patient has cryopreserved embryos and, after 24 months, wishes to continue with the transfer, the management may decide to increase the validity until the transfer of the last embryo. If the contrary occurs, each transfer after the 24 months will have an additional cost.

5. We are a same sex female couple; can we participate in the IVF Pregnancy and Live Birth Guarantee plan?
Yes, a female couple can select the IVF and Live Birth Guarantee plan, in this case using own eggs (of one of the woman as they choose) and donor sperm. However, if the quality of the eggs of both women is not as needed, it is recommended to use the Egg Donation Guarantee using both donor eggs and donor sperm.

We are at your side, whether it be in person or online. You can even have your first consultation by phone or WhatsApp. Our specialists will be delighted to attend to you and resolve any doubts!


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