Facial Recognition System

What is it?

The physical resemblance to the donor is one of the most common concerns of our patients when they start an assisted reproduction treatment. In order to offer them the security they need during this process, in Ovoclinic we have incorporated Ovomatch technology among our services.

Ovomatch applies facial recognition to assisted reproduction treatments. By using this application we go one step further in the donor selection process, based not only on phenotypic characteristics and genetic matching, but also on their facial resemblance to the patient.

Ovomatch has an advanced facial recognition algorithm that analyses various biometric points on the patient’s face and searches, among all available donors, for the one with the closest physical resemblance to her.

how does it works?

Ovomatch complements the matching based on phenotypic characteristics, assuring patients that the donor will have as similar facial features as possible. The process consists of the following steps:

First, the patient’s phenotypic features (hair colour, eyes, complexion, race, blood group …). are introduced into the application form to select, from Ovobank’s, extensive database, those that are compatible.

Next, the patient takes a ‘selfie’, from which Ovomatch’s facial recognition algorithm analyses her features and selects the donor with the closest facial resemblance.

The app is available to download for free.