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The INVOcell device is the first and only medical device for intravaginal culture, which allows the embryo to develop in the future mother’s body as it would naturally.

The innovative method allows the patient to participate in the process from the first moment.

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INVOcell is a very effective natural reproduction method and an alternative way to achieve your dream of growing a family by actively participating in the reproduction process. Depending on the case and the quality of the semen, the eggs and sperm will be deposited (conventional IVF) or the eggs will be inserted after microinjection with the sperm (IVF/ICSI). INVOcell is then inserted into the vagina in the space under the cervix and is held in place by the retention device.

One of the advantages of this innovative treatment is that women do not experience major changes in their body while using INVOcell.

It is very important that patients who decide to choose INVOcell have a free initial informative consultation with Ovoclinic professionals so that we can carry out a preliminary study and determine if this treatment is suitable for the patient and/or couple wishing to grow a family.