Triple sperm selection

What is it?

At Ovoclinic we use the triple sperm selection for the choice of sperm used in ICSI treatments. This technique allows us to choose the most suitable sperm by totally objective criteria.

what is it about?

In a sperm sample, the sperm volume is so high that choosing the most suitable is a complicated process. The selection is usually based on aspects such as motility or motility of the sperm, aspects that the embryologist can observe with the naked eye through a microscope. However, there are many other factors not noticeable by the human eye that affect the quality of sperm, and that may decrease the chances of achieving pregnancy.

The triple sperm selection allows us to choose the best sperm using totally objective criteria. This method is born from the union of three techniques:

  • MACS
  • ICSI

who is it for?

  • High rate of fragmentation in sperm DNA.
  • Repeated abortions without known cause.
  • Low quality embryos obtained in previous treatments.
  • Low sperm count.
  • Spermatozoa with abnormal morphology or mobility.