Prolonged culture to blastocyst stage

What does it CONSIST of?

At Ovoclinic we grow our embryos until the 5th or 6th day after their fertilization, when they reach the blastocyst stage. This allows us to increase the chances of achieving pregnancy.

During the first three days after fertilization the process of cell division of the embryo occurs. By the fifth day, upon reaching the blastocyst phase, these cells have joined together in a compact mass. Only the highest quality embryos manage to reach this stage, so by cultivating them to blastocyst we make sure to transfer only the most suitable for treatment.

Who is it for?

To all the patients

All the embryos that we use in Ovoclinic are cultivated until the blastocyst phase, which allows us to offer our patients greater guarantees of success in their treatments.


Is blastocyst freezing as effective as day 3 embryos?

Vitrification, which is the freezing technique used, does not present significant differences with respect to survival with respect to day 3 embryos.

How is the quality of a blastocyst scored in the laboratory?

There are 3 main parameters for its classification: the expansion of the blastocele, which is a central cavity filled with liquid; the size and level of compaction of the internal cell mass, whose structure will give rise to the fetus; and the number of cells that make up the trophoectoderm and which will give rise to the placenta.