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Quality Policy

The management of Fiv Marbella – Ovobank – Ovoclinic Group believes that Quality, the protection of the Environment and the Safety and Health of the people that compose the organization must be the basic pillars that impregnate all the decisions and initiatives of our companies.

The company has consolidated its presence in the market, as a result of the process of maximum specialization of our customer service, focused on applying the assisted reproduction techniques necessary for each patient after the diagnostic study; and in Managing the extraction and supply of eggs to collaborating centres so that they can carry out the medical service required by their patient.

We are committed to maintain a position of prestige and leadership worldwide as a Bank of gametes and specialized clinics in Assisted Reproduction Techniques; with the purpose of reinforcing the trust, expectations and requirements of our stakeholders, committing ourselves to:

  • Achieve a high quality service, with continuous improvement of its processes.
  • Incorporate first-line technology, within the framework of the responsible development of our tasks with health, environment and safety.Cumplir con las demandas de nuestros pacientes y colaboradores.
  • Comply with the demands of our patients and collaborators.
  • Adaptation to scenarios and variable contexts, derived from the diversity of countries where the group develops its activity.
  • Have a goal based on risks and the verification of their effectiveness in the development of our activities, complying with the legal framework, current regulations and other more restrictive ones of a voluntary nature.
  • Promote the development, training, initiative, creativity and sense of responsibility of our employees, enabling and encouraging participation and communication at all levels of the organization.
  • Maintain a positive interaction with the social environment through the implementation of social responsibility actions.
  • To promote the satisfaction of all the interested parties in the fulfilment of the requirements of our clients, in the establishment of a positive interaction with our environment and the adequacy of the working conditions of our human team.

All this requires the development of a management system that allows achieving objectives and goals consistent with our present and future activities.

We are convinced that we can achieve our objectives with everyone´s commitment. To enable this involvement, the management of the FIV Marbella Ovobank Ovoclinic Group will disseminate this document to all its staff, collaborators and other interested parties.


Enrique Criado Scholz
General Director