Time Lapse

what does it CONSIST of?

At Ovoclinic we have the Time Lapse multi-chamber incubator, a new model of incubator with cameras that record the entire process of embryo development through photographs. This innovative system allows us to select with more precision the most suitable embryos for treatment.

The incubator puts these images together to make a video that will be given to patients: Your baby’s first video.

How does it work?

The Time Lapse incubator has several physically separate compartments, into which embryos are placed. Each compartment incorporates a camera that takes pictures of the embryos every five minutes, and then the integrated software in the incubator makes them into a video. This system provides detailed information on the cell division rate of each embryo and other factors, offering embryologists more exhaustive criteria for the selection of the highest quality embryos.

The Time Lapse system allows the evolution of the embryos to be followed without taking them out of the incubator, so they remain in stable conditions of humidity, temperature and CO2, as would occur under normal conditions in the woman’s body. The software built into the incubator allows you to control these parameters to ensure optimal incubation conditions.


  • Assess embryonic development without varying the culture conditions in the least
  • Improve selection of embryos with greater implantation possibilities.
  • Detect possible individual cell abnormalities.
  • Ease laboratory work.
Time Lapse

In general, any patient going through IVF treatment can benefit from the advantages of the Time Lapse incubator. However, it is especially indicated in cases where several failed processes have occurred and wishing to do a Single Embryo transfer.