Comet fertility and Fertile Chip

what is it?

This technique allows to know the volume of sperm with double DNA chain damage in a sperm sample and select only those healthy ones.

The sperm DNA is found in the nucleus of the cell, in the form of two parallel chains connected to each other. This genetic material can suffer alterations or fractures, either in one of the chains (single chain breakage) or in both (double chain breakage).

Single chain breakage is associated with lower chances of achieving fertilization and, currently, can be diagnosed by various laboratory techniques. On the other hand, double chain breakage, more difficult to detect, it may increase the risk of repeated miscarriage, implantation failures and embryo development abnormalities.

With CometFertility and Fertile Chip we can determine the presence of sperm with double chain damage and select only those with normal genetic material.

how does it works?

This techinque consists of two parts:

  • Sperm analysis: Comet Fertility is used to determine the volume of sperm with single and double chain breakage in a sperm sample. The analysis is performed under neutral pH conditions.
  • If a high percentage of sperm with abnormalities is diagnosed, the Fertile Chip is used to select only the most suitable from the sample provided by the patient.

who is it for?

  • Couples who have suffered repeated miscarriages.
  • Implantation failures in previous treatments.
  • Low quality embryos.