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Natalia Nogal y Ovoclinic

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If you find yourself in an assisted reproduction process, or have just finished a cycle and the result is not what you hoped for, it is very important to talk about your emotions and thoughts with your partner, a friend or a professional. Assisted reproduction is a long road with a rollercoaster of emotions and events. Getting good emotional and psychological support is key in achieving the tranquillity and confidence you need so that everything goes well.

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At Ovoclinic we know how important it is to have a close relationship with our patients right from the first visit until the end of the process. Our team are specialists in all types of assisted reproduction techniques and difficult cases. We offer individually tailored treatments to all of our patients, with all the convenience possible and maximum guarantees, so that you can enjoy your path to your parenthood as much as possible.

Natalia Nogal, a registered psychologist and coach, specializing in fertility, pregnancy, secure attachment, parenting and family, joins our family to help you in what you need. Natalie helps woman and couples to increase their fertility, through a series of physical and emotional changes.

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If you are experiencing difficulties in trying to get pregnant, we will help you to work through your emotions, whether you are starting your journey or have already been through an assisted reproduction treatment.

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