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Women who inspire: Laura Sierra

laura sierra ovoclinic libro infantil

This March, as part of our #Womenwhoinspire campaign, we have had the pleasure of interviewing the former patient and entrepreneur from Marbella, Laura Sierra. Just a few years ago, Laura embarked on her personal Positive Little Soul project, wrote a book with her best friend Sara – Sonora Baby – and began her adventure as a mother. To this day, her personal brand on self-care, organization and motherhood has become a reference for many girls. We invite you to know its history:


  • Two years have passed since that call during the start of the pandemic with your positive beta. How has your life changed since then?

My life has changed on all levels, a few months ago I became a mother again and I feel full with the family we have formed… We are six people in our family!

Life has changed us all due to the global pandemic, but if you add to this bringing twins into the world, it becomes an incredible life lesson. Luckily, I have had some very good pregnancies and I have been able to enjoy them to the end. The “twins” came into the world at week 38+5 and although it was a cesarean section, it was all a dream come true. Also, some of the videos that I uploaded to my Instagram account with my huge belly went viral and thanks to this, I have unrepeatable memories dancing.

  • How do you remember the first time you visited Ovoclinic?

Although I am very positive and always try to think that everything will be fine, I will never forget the doubts at the beginning… In my case, when facing an assisted reproduction process for the first time, I wondered a lot how long the process would last and how we were going to manage it, both my partner and myself…

I remember leaving after the consultation with the hope and illusion of knowing that I was a little closer to fulfilling the dream of being a mother again, since I had been before…

  • Treatment and closeness in any assisted reproduction process are two fundamental aspects. Do you think that having a good feeling with the clinic is key to achieving the expected pregnancy?

At Ovoclinic I felt very good from minute one. They were very personalized consultations and I felt empathy with each of the people who attended and treated me. I remember a nursing assistant who was with me on her first day and was very close and friendly, like the entire team.

  • As you mentioned, although your philosophy and way of life is positive, hence your personal brand “Positive Little Soul”… how did you face the most delicate moments of the treatment?

I wasn’t afraid, but it is hard, because, although it is becoming more and more common and visible to go to assisted reproduction treatments, you feel like a weirdo for not being able to be a mother in a natural/traditional way. But as soon as I understood that assisted reproduction was one more way to fulfill my dream, I took it in the most natural way possible, because sometimes the problem is not in us, but in the stressful and active life that we lead.

In my case, it was a process of artificial insemination and I do remember that I felt alone – emotionally speaking – for example during medication, because your emotions go up and down and because your environment does not always understand the emotional burden that it entails. For this reason, I decided to talk about it, tell my experience, normalise it in order little by little to ensure that assisted reproduction is not a taboo but rather a resource/solution within our reach.

  • How did Ovoclinic help you and what advice would you give to a girl like you who is thinking of taking the step, but still has doubts?

This clinic helped me see that there were options for us. That there were solutions and that thinking about being parents again was possible. Economically, at least in my case, it was affordable and it is something that puts people who consider assisted reproduction back a lot. Always, always, always, I recommend that you do not get the itch to try it. You have to be informed, know what options you have and it is also convenient to know if there is any problem that prevents or makes it difficult to be mothers / fathers. Information is power.

For this reason, I encourage all those people who are thinking about it to inform themselves and with the information in hand, decide if assisted reproduction is for them or not.

  • Tristán and Elda, Laura and Sara’s project, is already a complete success. How did the idea come about? Why should every family read it?

It all started when my best friend Sara, mother of twins, and I after twins, came across this beautiful coincidence. We had always wanted to have a project together and being mothers it occurred to us that a story was a great idea. We decided to focus on what is normally not told about motherhood, which in my case took time, determination and suffering.

In reality, dreams, almost all of them, require perseverance, fighting for them, difficult moments and trusting that it will be achieved. Like the maternity/paternity of many couples. And this is how we made the parallelism of dreams with the search for pregnancy.

Tristán y Elda has been another dream come true, it has been very exciting to take it to so many homes and families and accompany couples in this process.

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