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6 tips to carry out the beta await the best way possible

post betaespera

Bet await, as its name suggests, is the waiting phase from the last part of the assisted reproduction treatment – embryo transfer (IVF) or artificial insemination – until the pregnancy test or beta hCG +. It takes two weeks (10 – 12 days approximately) to know the results of the test, to know if it is positive or negative.

We know that during these days you are “on the edge of your nerves” and you just want them to pass as quickly as possible. We also know that you have come a long way, that it has caused physical and emotional fatigue… for these reasons, we want to dedicate this article to all those future moms who will get there sooner or later, but they have to go through these “endless” days.

From Ovoclinic, our specialists have gathered some tips to face this period of beta awaits in the best possible way.


1. share moments and plans

These are days of many emotions and thoughts… therefore, share moments with your family, friends, and/or partner, and do stimulate and entertaining activities that make you not think much. How about a day out in the park? Or a picnic on the beach?

2.Continue with your daily routine

Let nothing stop you from continuing with your day-to-day… During the beta await, keep your mind and agenda busy like any week, so the time will pass faster.

3. Communicate with your environment

If you need to express what you feel (anxiety, fear, uncertainty…) talk to an Ovoclinic specialist who has been with you throughout the process, elan on your partner, or meet a trusted friend. We know first-hand that you will have many doubts, so it is important that these days you express your emotions and speak openly about what worries you.

4. Practice of relaxation techniques

If you see that you are very nervous, incorporate into your routine some relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing exercises, or practices such as yoga, to control stress and achieve full well-being.

5. have a healthy diet

Perhaps these days, your body asks you to eat different things like sweets to recharge energy… Do it! But don’t forget to eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and healthy fats.

6. avoid negative thoughts

Try not to anticipate and think that the result will be negative… It is not an easy task, inevitably you have to go through it, so try going for a walk or practice your favorite hobby if you see a negative thought “knocking on your door”.

At Ovoclinic, our team of professionals will always be available for you. Any question that arises during the Beta await, solve it with us through the phone, WhatsApp, email… or if you prefer a closer approach, visit us at the clinic, we are waiting for you with open arms.

Remember, together in the first steps!

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