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Ovoclinic celebrates its tenth anniversary

Gala 10 años ovoclinic



The Ovoclinic group of assisted reproduction clinics celebrated its tenth anniversary last Saturday. Enrique Criado Scholz, founder, and CEO of the OVO Group (Ovoclinic, Ovobank, Ovolearning, Ovohorse) gathered more than 150 employees at the headquarters of the group in Marbella, where the cocktail with the authorities took place. The Marbella Town Hall was represented by Baldomero León Navarro, Director General of the Innovation Department of the Marbella Town Hall.

During the event, the CEO of Ovoclinic dedicated a few words of thanks to his team and ended the speech with the presentation of a plaque to Cristina González Navas, director of the OVO Group Laboratories. A tribute for her ten years of dedication, trust, and commitment to Ovoclinic (formerly FIV Marbella), a project they both launched in 2012.

“Our trajectory throughout this decade has been excellent thanks to our constant evolution as a group in every sense: results, human team, values, expansion of business lines, and recognition in the sector of reproductive medicine at an international level. Recognition and effort that has also been valued over the years with numerous awards and certifications” said Criado.



Ovoclinic has become a benchmark in assisted reproduction, achieving above-average success rates thanks to the great work carried out by its team of professionals. Its facilities include Ovobank – the first egg bank in Europe – which allows for the optimization of egg donation treatments, as it has a wide catalog of donors of different nationalities and phenotypes.

The Ovoclinic medical team, with more than 20 years of experience in reproductive medicine and complex cases, is made up of specialists in gynecology, embryology, nursing, and a large international patient care team.

With offices in different parts of Spain; Andalusia (Marbella, Malaga), Madrid, and Ceuta. Andrology, embryology, and R+D+i laboratories make up Ovoclinic’s state-of-the-art facilities. Laboratories are fully equipped with the most innovative technology to develop and implement the best techniques and protocols in order to achieve excellent results.

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