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FIV Marbella, receives the ‘A tu salud’ Award in Reproductive Medicine and Fertility

Ovoclinic premio a-tu-salud-2018

FIV Marbella, assisted reproduction clinic, has been distinguished with the ‘A tu salud’ Award, in the category of ‘Reproductive Medicine and Fertility’. This award is a recognition of the effort of FIV Marbella to establish itself as a benchmark in innovation in the field of assisted reproduction.

The ceremony for the VIII edition took place in Madrid, at the premises of the newspaper La Razón. The event was chaired by the Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, who presented the award to the winners. Several politicians and important personalities from the business world from various fields also attended. On behalf of FIV Marbella, Dr. Luis Criado Montilla received the award.

“We are proud to receive this award. It is a recognition that the path we started seven years ago, when we founded FIV Marbella, is the right one,” said Enrique Criado, general director of the clinic.

FIV Marbella was born in 2012 as a new concept of assisted reproduction centre, with the clear objective of increasing success rates in treatments and fulfilling the dream of many patients to have a child. “Every day is an exciting and thrilling experience, the daily challenge of trying to get patients to achieve their dream with our help,” said Criado.

In its seven years of existence, FIV Marbella has become a benchmark in the field of assisted reproduction, with success rates in treatments above the Spanish average (according to data from the Spanish Fertility Society). Its team, made up of embryologists with experience in countries such as the United States, Spain and Italy, and its constant commitment to innovation, has contributes to this achievement.

In the last year, FIV Marbella has made an important investment in equipment for its laboratories. The most important has been the inclusion of the Time Lapse multi-chamber incubator, a system that records the evolution of embryos through photographs. This allows to expand the selection criteria of the embryos and increase the chances of success of the treatments.

Another of the latest developments that have been implemented is the use of the Ovomatch app, a unique app in the world that allows finding the donor physically closest to the patient in treatments with donated ovules. The app uses a facial recognition algorithm to select a compatible donor. Its development has come hand in hand with Ovobank, the first egg bank in Europe, located in the facilities of FIV Marbella.

This award is a recognition of the effort of FIV Marbella in making the dreams of many couples come true.

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