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Gala 10 años ovoclinic

Carmen Jonnes, assisted reproduction expert, IVF mother, and author of the bestseller “In Search of Fertility”. Today she is one of the most influential women in fertility thanks to her private community @creandounavida, where she helps women and couples with problems conceiving to fulfill their most desired dream: to start a family.

Do you want to know more about her? We invite you to enjoy the full interview:

  • Nobody knows better than you what it’s like to wish for a child that doesn’t come. Today, you have two beautiful children and more than 95,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube. How do you manage this success, taking care of your family, your work…?

Life is a question of priorities. In my case, my work is my passion and when you love what you do, you never work and that’s why I never look at the clock when I take care of anyone who needs my help. And, of course, my family, which always comes first.

  • How do you remember the process and how did you announce your pregnancy?

My pregnancy search process went through several phases. In the beginning, I was super excited, my moment had arrived and it was exciting. When the pregnancy didn’t come, I started asking myself a lot of questions and seeing pregnant women everywhere. Then, what started with tremendous excitement turned into a nightmare full of guilt, fear, uncertainty, and ignorance.

The road led me on a desperate search for information as I refused to believe that I would never be a mother. That was not an option for me. It was hard to find accurate information, and it was hard to take control of my fertility, but it was the best thing we did. Thanks to the information and proposing to our doctor what we thought was the best treatment for our case, I became pregnant.

Years later, and by changing my diet and certain habits in my life, I managed to get pregnant spontaneously. In both cases, I shared the news as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to enjoy my condition from the very first moment.

  • How did the idea of creating a private community and helping women or couples who are looking to have a child through assisted reproduction come about?

“Creating a Life was born because it was necessary. I shared the idea with my YouTube and Instagram Community and they supported me from the very beginning. Having a private space to share experiences, to have information from the best professionals, among many other benefits… without a doubt it was very necessary. Not to feel like a weirdo for taking so many ovulation and pregnancy tests, not to feel like a weirdo for analyzing all the symptoms of your body, nor for wanting to talk about it at every moment. No more searching all day long for information and gutting Google with recurring doubts… Thanks to “Creating a Life” that’s over. Women in search of pregnancy went from stumbling around to tracing a path in a straight line. Each positive result we achieve is, without a doubt, the hope of others.

  • At Ovoclinic, we are committed from the outset to treating patients closely. To do this, we try to be connected and available for as long as they need. We know that they have many doubts during the process and we have found that if we are close to them everything goes better. As a former patient, do you think that accompaniment and follow-up are one of the most valued aspects when choosing a clinic?

Undoubtedly. A clinic can be state-of-the-art and very well equipped, but if there is no committed and empathetic team behind it, everything is a disaster. Patients need a hand that holds them firmly and accompanies them. They need to be allowed to speak, give their opinion and express themselves, and even propose or contradict without being judged or silenced. The doctor and patient must be a team.

  • In your book, “In Search of Fertility,” you describe how your process was and help with strategies and advice so that the search for pregnancy does not become a nightmare. If you had to choose between all the tips… Which one would you choose?

Ever since we were little, we have been led to believe that pregnancy comes “naturally” and “quickly” the moment you decide it should happen. And that is not always the case. When it doesn’t come quickly, confusion sets in. Looking the other way and thinking that pregnancy will come when it has to is a mistake.

Just as we prepare for a trip or an exam, we also have to prepare for a pregnancy. Both to get pregnant faster and to have a healthy pregnancy. That’s why, for me, information is power. Don’t be afraid of information because it is the information that will help you achieve your dream sooner. And of course, don’t go through all this alone. Get together with people who understand you and you will see how the search for pregnancy becomes a happier journey.

  • What advice do you give to the girls in your community when they have tried several times and don’t get the expected positive beta?

Sometimes it is necessary to stop in order to move forward. The search for pregnancy is a journey and you don’t know how long or short it will be. Therefore, if this road becomes heavy and emotionally damaging, taking a break is super healing. There is no need to hesitate. It serves to recharge your batteries and come back with much more strength. And always remember “it’s not an obsession, it’s illusion”.

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