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Ovoclinic opens new reproductive unit in the hospital victoria eugenia cruz roja, seville


Seville, 23rd March 2023

Ovoclinic opens a new medical centre in the Andalusian capital with a unit specialised in assisted reproduction, located on the first floor of the historic building of the Hospital Victoria Eugenia de Cruz Roja, in the area of Ronda de Capuchinos. Ovoclinic occupies a space of more than 1500m2 with consultation rooms, waiting rooms, reception and laboratories, amongst other areas. Patients from Seville and surrounding areas can make the most of the innovative facilities and services while aiming to make their dreams of forming a family come true.

The project forms part of the expansion plan for the group of clinics, led by the embryologist Enrique Criado Scholz, himself a native of Seville, and a top flight team of more than 150 professionals with more than 20 years of experience in fertility, embryology and genetics, on a national and international level. “Having a presence in the Andalusian capital has been an exciting challenge. Our commitment is to help the people of Seville who need to use assisted reproduction to achieve their dreams of building a family. We count on a team of professionals specialised in high complexity treatments, along with a patient care team who are invested in their duties and are by our patients sides until they get the desired results”, stated the Ovoclinic CEO, Enrique Criado Scholz.

Ovoclinic, a clinic of reference in Marbella, Madrid and Ceuta, arrives in Seville with more than 10 years of experience in complex diagnostics and high success rates, results which have made Ovoclinic one of the most important clinics in reproductive medicine in the country. Furthermore, the group has been awarded numerous prizes for innovation in business and excellence in medicine, thanks to its adherence to the highest Quality standards: the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, and UNE 179007:2013 Systems of quality management for assisted reproduction laboratories, accredited by the prestigious certification company Bureau Veritas.

Ovobank, the first European egg bank, is found within the group headquarters at Ovoclinic Marbella, and helps to optimize treatments using donor eggs. Egg donation is one of the most in demand treatments today, due to the reproductive problems associated with women or couples who are more than 35 years old. Ovobank collaborates with public hospitals and private centres internationally, thanks to its extensive donor database and its R&D team which allow them to send shipments of cryogenically preserved cells in a safe and efficient manner.


The Ovoclinic team offers Seville patients its exclusive Pregnancy and Live Birth Programs. Ovoclinic is the only clinic in the national territory that offers these programs, without a limit to the number of attempts in a two year period. Within these programs there are two main options: to pregnancy week 12, or to the birth of the baby, and they are customized to the history and the medical diagnosis of the patient. If, after the two year term of the program, the pregnancy or birth has not been achieved, Ovoclinic will reimburse the payment.

In the plans, the medical team will evaluate the patients according to their situation and offer programs such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation), donor egg IVF (IVF using eggs from an anonymous donor), reciprocal IVF (for same sex female couples) or treatments which combine these techniques. Programs designed to give patients peace of mind, with financing options and a medical team dedicated and committed to achieving the desired result. Furthermore, Ovoclinic offer the first visit free, so that the patient can experience a first contact with the clinic and the team before they start their treatment.

Experts in all types of fertility treatments and complex cases, thanks to the continued development of protocols and implementation of new assisted reproduction techniques, Ovoclinic can boast success rates over that of the average.

Ovobank helps to optimize donor egg treatments, with no waiting lists to find the ideal donor.

Furthermore, the clinics count on a team of patient care specialists, for national and international patients, to assess and accompany patients throughout the whole process in a completely personalised fashion. In the last few years, Ovoclinic and its team of professionals have been awarded numerous prizes and recognitions for excellence in medicine and contributions to investigation. Distinctions which position the group of reproductive medicine clinics as one of the leading groups in the country.

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