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How to choose an assisted reproduction clinic?

Elección de clínica

These days, around 15% of couples present with fertility problems, making it now more common to visit an assisted reproduction clinic and undergo a fertility treatment to help them achieve their dream. There are also many single women by choice and women in a same sex female relationship who turn to this solution to start a family.

However, it is not just people experiencing fertility problems who attend an assisted reproduction clinic, there are also women who, for whatever reason, opt to delay the moment to become mothers, and choose to freeze their eggs for the future, and when they decide the time is right.

In these situations, it is normal for us to ask which clinic is the best one to for us to choose. For sure, there is no straight forward answer, as it depends on individual circumstances, but there are some aspects for you to keep in mind when making your decision.



When we attend an assisted reproduction clinic for the first time, it is to be expected that we don’t know what the procedures entail and how it all works. For this reason, it is very important that the experts give us detailed information about the most suitable options for our case and answer any doubts or questions that may arise. This helps us to feel assured and calm throughout the treatment. At Ovoclinic, we offer the first consultation free of charge, so that the patient can get to know the facility and the staff and then make their decision based on the information obtained after their appointment.


In a fertility treatment, a team of different specialists are involved, such as nurses, embryologists and gynaecologists for example. Professionals who should be qualified and count on plenty of experience, as each case presents with its own particular characteristics. Furthermore, the team should transmit confidence and security throughout the process.


Although it is something that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing an assisted reproduction clinic, it should be remembered when starting a treatment, that it is not possible to be exact in estimating how long it will take. It could be that luck is on our side and the pregnancy is achieved quickly, but it can also take time.

Remember that you will have diagnostic tests, hormonal monitoring, analyses and blood draws, ultrasound monitoring, egg retrieval, sperm collection and embryo transfers. Avoid extra stress from travel, by choosing a clinic in a convenient location, whenever possible.


To be able to perform an assisted reproduction treatment, it is fundamental that the clinic has all the appropriate facilities, with the laboratory, operating theatre and an egg bank (for egg donation treatments) being indispensable. It is also a good idea to evaluate what the centre offers in terms of reception, waiting rooms, consulting rooms, recovery rooms, blood draw room and sperm collection room.


Another element to look for when choosing an assisted reproduction clinic is the number of services they offer. Some of the most important are the following:

  • Diagnostic testing: some clinics can do all or some of the necessary tests in house.
  • Emergencies: It is nowadays more frequent that clinics attend to urgent consultations by phone, such as worrying symptoms, medication reminders or bleeding in the two week wait. At Ovoclinic, our Patient Care department is always available by WhatsApp or phone for patients, for any urgent need or query.
  • Other specialities: Some clinics also have other specialist medical professionals on staff, in case patients may need their services at any moment, such as an andrology service or psychological counselling.


Although this is not a determining factor, it is still important to bear it in mind. Even though specialists do not hold consultations on Saturdays or Sundays, it is essential that the clinic does perform important processes such as embryo transfer or egg retrieval during the weekend. To be able to increase the chances of success of the treatment, it is not advisable to bring forward or delay these processes, but to perform them at the correct moment.


You can look up the success rates of different Spanish assisted reproduction clinics on the page of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) and the Success Rates page of Ovoclinic. However, you should always be careful when comparing results as they can vary due to various factors such as ages, reason for infertility and the type of treatment.


The price of assisted reproduction treatments can be prohibitive for couples or single women with a tighter budget. However, there are clinics such as Ovoclinic, who offer the possibility of financing (for residents) or paying in instalments. In any circumstance, it is vital that you inform yourself thoroughly of the costs and what tests are included, to know what suits you best.

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