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How can you approach an assisted reproduction process in a positive way?

assisted reproduction

When you are experiencing difficulties in trying to conceive you can feel a variety of emotions, such as stress and fear, and these can start to cause problems in your relationship. Such feelings usually have a negative influence on the process and what should be an exciting and special time in your life instead becomes something frustrating, especially when you add on the medical tests, repeated cycles and unexpected results again and again. Although assisted reproduction is a topic that is every day more common in society, barriers still exist when trying to talk naturally about the situation amongst your close circle.

To be able to enjoy the maternity journey with the most optimism possible, our collaborator Natalia Nogal – psychologist and coach specialising in assisted reproduction, pregnancy, secure attachments, child raising and family – shares some important information with us so the TTC journey can be experienced in a positive and happy way.



It is very important not to reject our emotions, even if they are negative and uncomfortable. Emotions inform us about, and protect us from, potential threats, so we should learn to acknowledge them. Accepting how you feel in each stage of the process is the first step in good emotional management. Having said that… don´t let these emotions dominate or limit your life.


In general, we like to have control over our lives. However, in an assisted reproduction treatment we already know there are many things that we can’t control and this usually generates a lot of anxiety. But, did you know there are important things that you can control? These include; your actions (those that can favour a positive result such as adopting a healthy lifestyle), managing your emotions and your way of thinking.


The way you interpret a situation depends on how you experience it. And, your feelings go hand in hand with your interpretation, which is not always real or objective. If you decide to think negatively, you will feel sad and your body will blame you. If you opt for neutral thinking you will feel calm. If you decide to think positively you will live with hope. This aspect is worked on in details during the sessions. However, it is always advisable to be realistic and see the process as a “long distance race” in which you may reach the finish line at the first attempt, or have to make some additional stops on the way


Various scientific investigations confirm that positive thinking has great benefits for our bodies. For this reason, it is worth making the effort to commit to the positive thought that one way you will achieve your dream of becoming a parent. That doesn´t mean being sure you will get there on the first attempt, rather that you stay hopeful that the final, desired result will arrive sooner or later.

My favourite phrase for patients who come to the clinic with a negative thought is “it doesn’t have to go wrong”.


At Ovoclinic we know how important it is to have a close relationship with our patients from the first visit right through to the end of the process. Emotional and psychological support to help cope with the treatment is vital to achieve the calm and confidence that is needed so that everything goes well. We offer all our patients a personalised service, guided by a specialist team, with all the comforts and maximum guarantees that that the path to reach your dreams will be as smooth as possible.

Natalie forms part of the Ovoclinic family and helps women and their partners to increase their fertility levels through a series of changes at a physical and emotional level. Would you like to get to know her? If you are an Ovoclinic patient, complete the following formula and you will receive a special discount for the sessions:

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