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Il successo del controllo della fertiiltá

Chequeo de la fertilidad

We are conscious of the difficulties in assisting a fertility clinic for the first time, both personally and financially. Fertility is assumed to be part of health and for that reason we have wanted to reach out to Marbella and surrounding areas and offer the initiative of a fertility check-up available to everyone in order to prevent future fertility problems. The campaign run throughout March and has had great acceptance as many couples have attended our clinic from around Malaga, including Malaga city. This has come as no surprise as a fertility check-up costs around 300 euros and in FIV Marbella we have adjusted the price to 19 euros to make it accessible to everyone. In spite of our check-up being economical it is still very complex, covering what would be the first steps to take when a couple attend a fertility clinic for the first time. The check-up consisted of

  • For her, a hormone analysis and gynecological
  • Semen analysis for him
  • And last query results and clinical guidance.

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