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Latest generation incubator for the best embryo transfer

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The embryo culture within the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) laboratory is undoubtedly one of the most important conditions to take into account to achieve high success rates and this way be able to transfer the best embryo that results in an evolutive pregnancy. Therefore, one of the most important characteristics to increase the quality of embryos in an In Vitro culture are the conditions in which they develop. These conditions should be as close as possible to those of the female genital tract.

At Ovoclinic we use the prolonged culture technique to blastocyst, this means, all the embryos that we transfer in treatments are cultured until the 5th or 6th day of development. This allows us to be more precise when selecting the highest quality embryos and increase the chances of success in our treatments. For the optimal development of the embryos, it is very important to have an incubator for continuous control of conditions such as temperature, pH, and CO2 and O2 levels.


Ovoclinic continues its commitment to quality and excellent service for its patients. Therefore, to maintain a maximum level of performance during the embryo development process, it has incorporated the Vitrolife CulturePro incubator into its IVF laboratories, a state-of-art design, self-sufficient, and with an exhaustive control of all conditions, which will help us keep improving our high success rate.

CulturePro is a specific incubator for blastocyst culture that records incubation conditions during its functioning. It has specific support for the culture plates, controlled by a thermostat, which provides a direct thermal transfer to the plates, achieving a temperature of 37.0ºC in the culture media where the embryos are.

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This innovative incubator registers all the conditions of the embryo culture so that we can verify the traceability of the correct culture of the embryos. In addition, it has an alarm system to immediately communicate any variation in growing conditions so that we can act long before this change has affected the cultivation.

The plates are identified with an adhesive with a specific barcode for each patient and cycle, a code that is read by the incubator to facilitate the recognition of the plates, preventing errors in the identification of patient’s plates.

In addition, it contains a specific embryo depositing plate that helps provide a temperature and CO2-controlled environment for the development of embryos at body temperature.

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